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Child Safety Seats


Car seats are required by law. Going on vacation with the family presents some logistical issues when little tikes are involved. Automotive Luxury Limo has child safety seats in over 42 states Nationwide. Most States exempts taxi and for-hire vehicles from the child safety seat restraint requirement, yet encourages parents to bring their own safety seats that drivers of such vehicles must allow to be installed.

Automotive Limousine has a car seat for every size child. Our office storeroom has every car seat imaginable ready to be installed in your vehicle of choice. Booster seats, Forward Facing, Rear Facing, Infant/Toddler, just ask for one- or if you need it more than one of them.

Automotive Luxury Transportation can enrich your visit to New York or any of the 50 cities that we service. Reserve now for fun filled sightseeing tours, shopping, trips to great restaurants, museums or to the theatre.

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"Hi there I just wanted to thank the guys at Automotive for taking the time to get the details right on the correct car seats we needed during our last trip to NYC. The person on the phone and also when we emailed, was quite helpful, and made sure he understood I needed a rear facing infant seat and a booster seat. Our last trip wasn't quite as smooth as the service did not have any boosters and then came with a toddler seat which was enormous for the baby, even after we had tried to explain the seats we needed! Thanks to the Automotive staff, it made a difference in how relaxed that trip was, right from the airport!"

- Stella Z.